About UFO

The UFO project is based on two main assumptions.

First, business opportunities lie in the combination of space data with digital technologies and other sources of data. Embedded Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) into small flying objects (SFOs – drones, small satellites, high altitude platforms) represent a great opportunity to collect additional aerospace data, especially to drive the Artificial Intelligence revolution for various global applications.

Second, the value added applications in Europe are mostly driven by SMEs. Thus, the UFO project aims at fostering the development of cross-sectoral industrial value chains between 6 emerging industries (Mobility, Environment, Blue Growth, Finance and Insurance, Climate, Digital and Creative/Gaming), SFOs, embedded KETs and data analysis and exploitation solutions stimulating the development of new products and services by SMEs.


To foster the creation of new value chains targeting emerging industries: Mobility, Environment, Blue Growth, Finance and Insurance, Climate, Digital and Creative/Gaming, by identifying new sustainable use cases provided by SFO capabilities;
To support the development of new technologies for SFO applications addressing societal challenges and emerging industries market needs;
To optimise the long-term sustainability of new value chains partnerships involving SFOs by supporting best initiatives, projects or concepts in seeking additional funding (EU including ERDF, regional, national, private) and investment in commercialisation;
To accelerate the internationalisation of European SMEs in these value chains by developing cross-border and crosssectoral collaborations that deliver solutions into key international markets.


  • Internal awareness workshops on SFOs, embedded KETs, data analysis and processing capabilities and interviews with customers to identify market trends and how they can take benefit of the SFO.
  • Collaboration and networking activities for SMEs using the open space platform.
  • Call for proposals to create cross-sectoral links between SMEs and encourage the emergence of disruptive project ideas.
  • Innovation support to SMEs.
  • Sustainability of the SMEs funded projects