Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

UFO aims at financing collaborative projects (at least 2 SMEs per project) from European SMEs to develop innovative products and services by integrating new technological solutions and know-how provided by the combination of innovative Small Flying Objects (SFOs: drones, high altitude platforms systems, small satellites), embedded nano and digital technologies, Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), data analysis and exploitation solutions. Six industries are targeted: Mobility, Climate, Blue Growth, Finance & Innovation, Environment and Digital, Creative & Gaming.

What are the minimum requirements to apply for the funding?
Each proposed project must be formed of a consortium of at least 2 SMEs
· The SMEs must be based in one of the 5 UFO consortium partners countries: Bulgaria, France, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom.
· The proposed project must offer solutions by developing and / or integrating technologies utilizing SFO capabilities, embedded nano and digital technologies, Key Enabling Technologies, data analysis and exploitation and must address challenges in the six targeted emerging industries.
What types of vouchers are available?

The are 2 types of vouchers available for funding collaborative projects, based on the project proposals:
· Demonstration Voucher: €60.000 max. per beneficiary SME / €150.000 max. per project
· Feasibility Voucher: min. €10.000 – €30.000 max. per beneficiary SME / €60.000 max. per project

Can an SME apply with more than one proposal?

Yes. However, an SME cannot request / apply for more than a cumulative sum of 60.000 euros if applying for a demonstration voucher or more than 30.000 euros if applying for a feasibility voucher. More specifically one SME cannot apply for more than the maximum grant allowed per category voucher even if it applies for more than one vouchers and in no case the total requested grant can exceed 60.000 euros. But an SME can apply e.g. for 30.000 euros for a feasibility voucher (doesn’t exceed the funding limit for this voucher) and 30.000 euros for a demonstration voucher (doesn’t exceed the funding limit for this voucher and the 60.000 euros in total).

Can an SME receive funding as a single applicant?
No. The UFO project funds collaborative projects (of 2 or more SMEs). Each SME in a collaborative project can receive funding for up to 60.000 euros (depending of voucher scheme), but an SME cannot be a single applicant, as a consortium of minimum 2 SMEs is required to be eligible for funding.
How does the UFO Project define an SME?

The UFO Project is consistent with the EC definition of SMEs. Be sure to take the European Commission’s SME self-assessment questionnaire, if you have any doubts concerning your organization’s status.

What percentage of the eligible costs are actually funded?
The vouchers can fund 100% of the eligible costs in a project.
Is the Brexit going to affect the involvement of UK SMEs?
No. The UFO Project shall continue as initially planned.
Is there a way to cross-connect SMEs within the UFO project?

The UFO Project will organize several online ideation sessions and matchmaking events before and during the time of the open call.

Does the funding count as de minimis aid?
Is it possible to submit a project consisting of SMEs from the same country?
Yes. However, in the selection process, cross-border project proposals receive extra points.
Should all the SMEs in a project’s consortium be tech companies, manufactures of SFOs, KETs etc.?
No. The goal is to bring innovative solutions to the six targeted industries. The consortium in a project proposal should include, for example, a tech (or manufacturer) SME, but also an SME representing / active in some way in one the six industries. However, there is no strict separation between tech companies, manufacturers, companies representing one of the targeted industries etc.